World Polio Day exhibition in town

An iron lung will be on display at the exhibition.

An iron lung will be on display at the exhibition. - Credit: Rotary Nailsea & Backwell

A rotary club will mark World Polio Day by hosting an exhibition.

An iron lung, the main treatment for polio from 1928 until the 1960s, will be available to view at Nailsea Tesco car park from 8.30am until 4pm on October 23.

It is the centrepiece of an exhibition about polio being organised by Rotary Nailsea & Backwell.

Chris Broughton, a member of Rotary Nailsea & Backwell and himself a survivor of the disease, said: “We are proud to support World Polio Day by holding an exhibition at Nailsea Tesco.

"The Iron Lung, or tank ventilator, was used to control the patient’s breathing for as long as it took for their body to recover its own breathing ability. This could be a few weeks, months or, before a vaccine was developed in 1955, for life."

Rotary Nailsea & Backwell will be selling purple lapel crocuses for £1 and accepting donations.

For every £1 raised the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will add £2. Polio vaccine costs 20p per child and every crocus sold will protect 15 children.