Road safety is new speed group’s aim


- Credit: Archant

A NEW Community Speed Watch (CSW) group in Portishead is helping to make some of its busiest roads safer.

Trained volunteers say cars are considerably reducing speed as soon as they see members in action.

In one hour, volunteers in Bristol Road recently clocked nine cars exceeding the limit, with warning letters then sent out to them by police.

Group member Jane Sharman said: “I think it is very important for CSW to be in Portishead, especially on busy roads like Bristol Road where cars continually drive too fast.

“There have been several nasty accidents along that road including a child getting knocked over and I believe if CSW regularly operates here we could make motorists mindful enough to cut their speed permanently.”

Another volunteer Stephanie Hicks said: “Portishead has grown considerably over the years with an increasing number of families with young children living in the area and the safety of all residents is paramount. I feel having a CSW action group to make drivers more aware of the speed they are travelling at is a fantastic asset to the town. The action group is not there to try and catch people out, it’s to make our roads safer.”

Anyone who is interested in joining the scheme in Portishead can find out more by contacting the police online at or by calling 101.