Road safety concerns at ‘lethal’ roundabout

PUBLISHED: 09:00 24 July 2015

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access

Clevedon town councillors have called for a ‘lethal’ roundabout in the town to be made safer.

The Ettlingen Way and Northern Way roundabout gives direct access to the M5 and regularly sees a large volume of traffic entering and leaving the town, often at high speeds.

At a transport and highways committee meeting last week, town councillors wanted a crossing to be installed to make it safer for pedestrians.

Cllr David Shopland said: “It is difficult to check but I have noticed in the past month the amount of traffic using Northern Way from Portishead is astronomical.”

Cllr Graham Watkins added: “I don’t know how anyone can say it isn’t a dangerous situation. The issue around Ettlingen Way is an immediate danger.

“It is absolutely lethal. I don’t know why anyone would want to cross there. Major maintenance is needed on that roundabout.”

There were also complaints about the lack of ‘visibility’ due to overhanging trees on the roundabout, that white lines on the road had been rubbed off and the location of the welcome to Clevedon sign, which some felt causes a distraction.

Councillors said they would like to see a crossing installed in Ettlingen Way to increase safety for people attempting to walk to the new Aldi supermarket in Hither Green Industrial Estate, but there is dispute over what kind of crossing would be possible.

Cllr Shopland said: “The only thing we are likely to get is a bridge. We won’t get lights on an access road to a motorway.”

“I saw some elderly soul who cast aside her buggy, stick and wheelchair and was negotiating across the roundabout and ended up almost sprinting across the road.”

Cllr Jamie Cook added: “The whole of the roundabout needs looking at, especially with the new supermarket.

“It is horrendous and the amount of traffic you see queuing is ridiculous.”

Councillors also expressed their opinion that the closure of Highdale Road due to work at St Nicholas Chantry Primary School has not been a success and that people are ‘relieved’ the road is set to re-open next month.

Highdale Road has been closed since February due to the £1.5million school expansion, which will see the school’s capacity increase from 315 to 420 places as new classrooms and toilets are installed.

Cllr Shopland said: “Residents greet it as a great measure of relief.

“However, I am concerned because of the speed of the traffic. The attitude of some drivers hasn’t changed and some residents are very concerned.

“People tear down there at great speed and the attitude towards people who challenge them is less than polite.

“These people don’t take any notice of anyone.”

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