Remembrance Day

St Francis School wearing cubs and brownies uniforms for Remembrance Day

St Francis School wearing cubs and brownies uniforms for Remembrance Day - Credit: St Francis School

Heart-felt Remembrance Day tributes continue to pour in from communities across North Somerset to commemorate those who lost their lives during conflicts. 

Children from St Francis Primary School in Nailsea marked the occasion by wearing their cub and brownie uniforms.

They also wore poppies and held a one-minute silence at 11am. 

A school spokesman said: "We are very proud of how respectful and thoughtful the children were in marking Remembrance Day today. They showed great maturity in their reflections."  

The 1st Brownies painted poppies on pebbles

- Credit: 1st Brownies Long Ashton

The 1st Long Ashton Brownies paid tribute to the fallen soldiers by painting poppy pebbles and laying them down at All Saints Church cemetery at the Polish Airmen’s Memorial.  

The 1st Brownies Long Ashton created paper poppies

- Credit: 1st Brownies Long Ashton

A number of villagers also took part in the event and put up poppies displays in their windows. 

 Dr Catherine Garner, St Andrews, Backwell

- Credit: Roy Ackrill

A short service, led by Reverend Catherine Garner, took place at St Andrews Church, in Backwell. 

Representatives from Backwell British Legion, the parish council and Nailsea and Backwell Rotary Club took part.  

 Peter Hoare, Standard bearer for Blackwell British Legion

- Credit: Roy Ackrill

Portbury Church Heritage Centre paid tribute to three major events for Armistice Day this year, with a display on three boards behind the War Memorial summarising each historical period. 

Remembrance Day at the memorial in Portbury

- Credit: Rita and Les Summerfield

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Historians Les and Rita Summerfield said: “The year 2020 not only commemorated the end of the European War and Pacific War in 1945, but also the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 1940 when the RAF defended Britain.

"This achieved air superiority and prevented Hitler from invading.” 


Clevedon Pier was decorated with woollen poppies knitted by volunteers

- Credit: Phil Curme

Clevedon Pier was decorated with woollen poppies knitted by volunteers, and visitors were encouraged to take a stroll along the Victorian landscape to mark Remembrance Day.

Clevedon Pier was decorated with woollen poppies knitted by volunteers.

- Credit: Phil Curme

The Pier Trust donated one pound to the British Legion for every visitor  to the Victorian landmark, between 10.30 and 11.30.

Representing Royal British Legion, Phyllis Blackwell, said: "This year has been very difficult for us.

"We had to close our pop-up shop and curtail the sale of poppies.

"We are very appreciative of the pier's efforts which will go a little way in making up the shortfall."

Clevedon Pier Trust chairman, Phil Curme, said: "It's important that we remember those who have given their lives in the service of their country and whilst we couldn't do what we normally do, it was appropriate to mark Remembrance Sunday in a way that was appropriate to the exceptional times we are living through."

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