Portishead brownies brighten the town with gifts

Redcliffe Bay Brownies

The Redcliffe Bay Brownie unit has been planting flowers to hand out to residents. - Credit: Redcliffe Bay Brownies

A Portishead brownie group has taken up gardening to eventually gift elderly residents with flowers to brighten their day.

The Third Redcliffe Bay Brownies unit set the green-fingered task to get members thinking about how kindness can help others.

Redcliffe Bay Brownies

Brownie, Hannah, in action potting up flowers to gift. - Credit: Redcliffe Bay Brownies

Cadbury Garden Centre helped as the group potted up flowers and decorated the labels before choosing who to gift them to.

The girls have been sharing their stories of how helping others has brightened how they feel too.

Mum, Natalie, known as Twin Owl to the group, has thanked its leader for her inventive ideas to teach its members.

She said: "I would like to thank Ruby for leading this group as it is always fun-packed.

"Every week is different, the girls get to learn new skills and there continue to be more adventures to be had.”

Redcliffe Bay Brownies

The flowers were grown to teach the children how to be kind to others. - Credit: Redcliffe Bay Brownies