Recycling and rubbish for flats

PEOPLE living in flats in North Somerset should soon switch to the new recycling and waste collection service in the district.

As part of North Somerset Council’s ‘recycling revolution’, households have been getting used to weekly recycling collections and fortnightly rubbish collections.

The move has also seen waste including plastics and food being collected.

While many people are now using the new system, many of those living in large blocks of flats have not yet been changed over.

However, over the past few months, waste officers at the unitary authority have been assessing what solution will be best for each building, whether it will see residents given bins, bags or communal recycling areas.

In November, the first sets of bins were delivered to more than 900 blocks of flats, serving about 6,200 households.

It is expected that by mid-February every residential property in North Somerset, including about 14,000 flats, will have moved onto the new system.

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North Somerset Council’s executive member for the environment Councillor Carl Francis-Pester said: “Most of the flats on the pre-Christmas change over will have had containers by now.

“We have tried to make the solutions as bespoke as possible for each building.

“Once everyone is on the same system we hope it will make it easier for the teams to collect.”

The new services will be introduced to flats in two stages. First to properties that can have a green box and food waste containers. Second will be properties that have or are able to have a communal mini-recycling centre.

Those properties in the first stage should have received the containers and can start using them.

Properties that have been chosen for a mini-recycling centre will be contacted in the New Year.