Readers’ letters - October 19

Monster pylons

I AGREE that all residents of Nailsea should continue to campaign for the new monster pylons to be put underground even if the Route Corridor choice now proposed does not affect your property.

It is very disappointing that the undersea option has been ruled out and that National Grid is being coy about where it will go underground.

If the pylons have to go overground to the west of Nailsea, we should campaign that the new monsters are placed further away from the houses at Causeway View and other affected areas on health grounds.

Also for years Nailsea and its councillors have campaigned for the areas at Youngswood and Morgans Hill to be included in the green belt but North Somerset Council has consistently refused to do so.

These areas should not be built on as they form a buffer between Backwell and Nailsea, and they are important wild life habitats and greatly used recreational areas.

Of course, much of this land is flood plain so should not be built on.

Most Read

It seems Weston Town Hall ignores other towns and treats their communities like second class citizens.


Harptree Close,



WHO in their right mind would think that unrestricted parking along Harbour Road (now one of the main roads in and out of Portishead) is a good idea?

It beggars belief that, despite the increase in buildings and both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, some members of our esteemed council think that people can use their own judgement on where they can or cannot park.

This might sound perfect in theory but in practice human nature dictates that people, if permitted, will park as close to their destination as possible.

It happens everywhere else on the new marina developments so why should it be any different on this public highway?

The parking in Harbour Road is currently horrendous, with people parked on blind corners near the youth centre and restaurants, opposite the entrance/exit to the Waitrose car park and outside the health centre despite there being more than adequate parking in the many car-parks off Harbour Road.

Furthermore, it is only going to get worse once the new Travelodge, Lidl and Subway are open - and there are plans for more buildings (including possibly another hotel) along Harbour Road.

I do not understand the selfishness of these people; do they not consider the through traffic, the people visiting Waitrose or the increasingly heavy pedestrian footfall?

Yet again an example of the “I’m alright Jack” attitude prevalent in today’s society.

Let’s hope that someone within the council soon sees sense, gets double yellow lines painted along the length of Harbour Road and makes life a darn sight easier for the majority of the people who use this major thoroughfare!




Jet skis

SO GLAD someone has raised this problem of jet ski riders off Clevedon beach.

Health and safety officers must give immediate attention to this dangerous activity before someone is injured or killed.

The slip is famous for its crabbing by young children and was even mentioned in the Sunday Times as the safest and best place for them to fish.

The skis jet not only threaten injury but are inconsiderately noisy and smelly.

How can one person tearing around for their own selfish enjoyment ruin the whole purpose of the beach for many others?

I am completely behind any campaign to prevent them using the beach at all.


Madeira Road,



I AM appalled by the press reports of the errors of judgement and breaches of the Ministerial code undertaken by Liam Fox.

He has brought shame to one of the great offices of state, Defence Secretary.

I do not have confidence in his personal abilities and do not wish to be represented by him.

I therefore feel he should immediately resign as MP for North Somerset.


All Saints Lane,



A BIG thank you to the Portishead Town Band for a very enjoyable evening at Gordano School last Saturday.

My favourite was the salute to Sinatra.

There was also a lot of Union Jack waving by the audience when they performed a few classics with their take on Last Night of the Proms.

A great concert in aid of Children’s Hospice South West.



Portishead Friends Group Children’s Hospice South West

Pier Close,


Thank you

MAY I please through your paper say a big thank you to the people that came to my aid after I tripped and fell headlong on the uneven paving slabs in Portishead precinct.

I was left with an injured face and broken finger.

I was very grateful especially to Mr Lee and Fiona Fortune who called the paramedic and stayed with me.


The Deans,