Readers’ letters - October 5

Good news

HOW nice amid all the doom and gloom to have some good news.

Congratulations to David Fricker of North Somerset Coaches to win a national award for services to the public-well done.

This young man was brave enough - against all the odds to supply a circular bus service around Nailsea and Backwell mainly for elderly people to shop, bank and attend clinic appointments, etc.

He provides a wonderful service with handpicked drivers who take care of their passengers and greets them by name and with a smile.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone for the service he provides for the community.


Most Read

Kingshill Gardens, Nailsea


THE National Grid has now decided that its preferred route for overhead pylons should be to the north west of Nailsea rather than to the south and east of the town.

In the interests of the unity of our town those of the Nailsea community not now directly affected should remain supportive of those who are. Opposition to the overgrounding of the pylons remains pertinent to all of us, so the campaign for putting cables underground, or even under the sea, must continue to the benefit of the whole town.


Nailsea Town councillor, Beechwood Road, Nailsea

Thank you

I AM very pleased to thank all the supporters of our recent flower show and festival.

The work done by committee members and the extra helpers made the show a very pleasant experience for the visitors.

The standard of the exhibits in the marquee were some of the best seen around the local area, and to this end we appreciate the support from our exhibitors for the work they carried out in setting up the displays.

It has been a very different growing year and all gardeners have had problems with the hot spring and wet summer but this did not detract from the standards.

Our committee has worked extremely hard and has had to take on responsibilities which it had not the preparation for, and I thank them all for the efforts they put in and for their support during my year as chairman.

I would also wish to thank every person who helped with the show, with the setting up on Wednesday to the final take down on Sunday. The assistance was invaluable.


Clevedon Flower Show and Festival Chairman

Coleridge Vale Road North, Clevedon

Give way

RECENT articles have been published regarding pinch points at the Moor Gate end of Sheepway, Portbury, at a cost of over �7,000.

These are not necessary – they would be close to bus stops and a major roundabout.

It would mean people have to give way to each other which could cause problems, ie vehicles backing up to the roundabout, difficulties for parents with buggies, children on bikes, horse riders, etc. there is also the major consideration of closure of the A369 which would result in vehicles being diverted down Sheepway.

Insufficient investigation into the pitfalls of putting pinch points on Sheepway has obviously not been done.

We also believe Sheepway will be closed whilst this work is carried out – this means those living in the area will have to use the A369 – has the council actually experienced getting out of Station Road onto the A369, particularly turning right? It is a nightmare.

Attention is badly needed on what little pavement there is at the other end of Sheepway from the business park to the post box which a number of elderly residents use.

Please consider before it is too late.


Sheepway, Portbury


I WOULD like to give an enormous thank you to all trustees, staff, and volunteers at Portishead Open Air Pool for all their time and hard work over the summer season.

I would especially like to thank them for giving up their precious time over this last (very hot) weekend to make it a fantastic time.

What a wonderful time was had by all and we look forward to another successful season next year.


Volunteers Co-ordinator, Underwood Road, Portishead


HAVING read the article Councillor cuts ‘essential’ in this week’s ‘Times’ I do wonder just what planet council leader Nigel Ashton is living on if he is expecting everyone to unquestioningly accept his arguments.

We are witnessing the start of the implementation of proposals to stop funding all youth groups by 2013, to make libraries volunteer run, to so cut bus subsidies as to decimate several services, in addition to the cuts in social work provision, plus axing all council flower beds and even closing public toilets.

Yet Cllr Ashton is worrying about the number of councillors.

This cannot take place until 2015 at the earliest and we taxpayers will be required to fund the review by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

Surely all that time, money and energy should be put into preserving services for the ordinary people of North Somerset now.

But remember this is the same leader who tells us the consolidation of council offices and the purchase of Castlewood are money savers, but we will not get back even what we spend from revenue until at least 2020, never mind the capital costs.

Surely it is time we questioned the constant message that there are no alternatives to cuts?


Pill Ward Councillor

Star Lane, Pill