Readers’ letters - March 7


WITH regards to your article in this week’s North Somerset Times about a second Post Office being placed in the Village Quarter, I cannot believe that this is a suitable position.

I know there are a lot of houses down there but they are all close to the High Street.

What about the people, including me, who live at the top end of Portishead? Are we the forgotten lot now?

For elderly people who live at the top have to get a bus/taxi down to the High Street to get anything from the post office.

You may also want to watch:

Costcutter or somewhere in that group of shops is the only sensible place in my opinion. It was such a shame that the one in Queens Road had to close, we used it frequently.

Hoping the Post Office sees sense.

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Nore Road, Portishead

Skate park issue

I HOPE the Times editor will allow me one last time to respond to John Paull’s letter of February 22.

Firstly, Mr Paull and I do agree on something and that is a dislike of those who seek to politically capitalise from the skate park issue.

Mr Paull refers to the Labour Party’s Paul Dunn but he should know this is commonplace.

Which is why I also dislike these words written by the Lake Grounds Conservative Ward councillor on September 7, 2010: “With the 2011 elections fast approaching, we need to be singing off the same hymn sheet and at the moment it seems we are not on the subject of a skate park in Portishead.

“Your North Somerset Council (NSC) colleagues have made it clear – no skate park on the Lake Grounds”.

The letter also said “Even if the appeal overturns NSC’s decision, landlord’s permission is required and that is more unlikely under the current balance of power”.

Please read my previous letter again Mr Paull. I did not ‘claim’ that ‘Portishead as a whole’ is in favour of the skate park.

I said the majority in Portishead who engaged in the consultation process were in favour.

If Mr Paull would read the planning documentation, he would see the evidence that the majority of the coast ward was in favour.

That is where I obtained the statistics rather than ‘plucked’ them from nowhere as he implies.

I cannot comment about which addresses North Somerset District Councillor David Pasley chose to select as part of his ‘research and surveys’ nor his reasoning.

The written evidence submitted is still clear that the majority was in favour.

I would suggest that rather than listen to hearsay, Mr Paull should ask Cllr Pasley for the planning documents from the time in question. Check the dates and remember that anything after planning permission was granted, is not admissible as part of the lengthy planning process. My previous letter does not refer to my personal feelings about our current elected representatives.

However, as Mr Paull raises the matter, I can tell him this.

Having asked a local town and district councillor after the Town Hall scrutiny meeting as to why they sat back and did not challenge incorrect and misleading comments from colleagues, I was told, “That’s politics”.

Therefore this and my first point contribute to my personal reasons why I would never stand as an election candidate.


Albert Road, Portishead

Thank you

FOLLOWING a very nasty fall which I had in Churchill Avenue on the morning of February 29, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who rushed to my aid.

Especially to the gentleman who ran to pick me up and rang for the ambulance and the lady who came out with a pillow and blanket and tried to stem the blood from my face which has since has had to undergo surgery at Weston and Frenchay Hospitals.

I do not know any of you personally but I was overwhelmed by and so grateful for the kindness and help from you all and I am now recovering well.


Churchill Close, Clevedon

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