Readers’ letters - June 20

Crossing patrol

AS A resident of Portishead, I was dismayed to read that a number of schools are likely to lose their crossing patrols.

This has been put down to North Somerset wishing to save around �31,000 from its budget and its failure to attract applicants.

First of all, �31,000 is a price worth paying when it comes to safeguarding our children on these busy roads.

Morning traffic in Portishead demands a crossing patrol as people are too busy trying to get in front of the car in front that it will be an accident waiting to happen. Secondly, I have seen the job adverts for these vacancies and they are offering just above minimum wage. Increase the wage and you may find people will be more willing to give up their mornings for a worthwhile cause.

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Also, our children are advised by the schools to walk to school, this has meant a lot of children on our narrow pavements and some in the road.

I hope our town council will have a few words to say on this matter.

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Burlington Road, Portishead

Total ban

IN RESPONSE to the article in the paper of June 13 I would firstly like to say that I find the use of the word discrimination ridiculous used in such context.

I have been chairman of a local football club for several years, a player for much longer and to be frank if anyone is being discriminated against it is the hundreds of adults and children who use the fields that have to suffer the consequences of the disgusting matter left behind by dogs.

The bottom line is that it is a playing field, with a children’s play area first and foremost and not a park therefore the health and safety of the majority of people that use it for sporting and play activities must take priority.

Ideally we’d like a total ban as I believe Yatton has had on both the Rock Road and Hangstones playing fields since 2007.

However due to constitutional reasons accept we may have to compromise with a dogs on a lead order - which both the football and cricket clubs of Congresbury have had on their facilities since 2010. Nobody I have spoken to, including dog owning friends, can understand why dogs are allowed to roam freely on a space designated for sports and children. We understand, of course, that many are indeed responsible owners and do sympathise but there are simply too many cases and visible evidence of this problem over the years for us to accept the status quo.

Any measure in our eyes is a good measure if it helps reduce and hopefully eliminate such an antisocial health hazard. Anyone standing in the way of such proposals is behaving in an unbelievably arrogant and selfish manner. Yes you may have a right to walk your dog but far more people have the right to enjoy a clean playing environment, free from the vile deposits left behind by dogs”.


Heath Gate, Yatton

Pothole paint

HAS anyone else noticed that a few weeks ago several potholes in the area were honoured with a yellow paint surround?

I think it might have been some sort of magic pothole paint, perhaps containing a dash of fairy dust which would somehow cure the pothole? If it was then the fairy dust may just have been past its use by date as the potholes are still there but the paint has now gone.

Perhaps the council could revisit to paint on some more magic pothole paint; it could be that it didn’t work because the colour was wrong, maybe the fairy dust reacts badly to yellow?

Alternatively they could eliminate the cost of this process altogether and just fill in the potholes?

Bit radical, I know, but in these austere times it might just save a bit of taxpayers’ money.


Battery Lane, Portishead

Union Flag

I KNOW that I am being pedantic but I did not see one Union Jack in the whole of your paper published June 6.

The correct name for the flag is the ‘Union Flag’, it is only the ‘Union Jack’ when flown from the jackstaff of a commissioned Royal Navy ship.

I have to admit that your publication is not alone in perpetuating this error insofar as even the BBC, the guardian of the English language, and several of the national newspapers are also guilty.

That said, it was a pleasant surprise to see and witness so many people enjoying themselves and honouring The Queen for her remarkable achievement and lifetime of service to the country.


Mariners Way, Pill

Wonderful staff

MAY I through your column pay tribute to the Clevedon Cottage Hospital and all the wonderful staff.

I have recently returned home after a spell in their care and how I miss them all.

Everything was done with a smile and nothing was ever too much trouble.

The treatment I was given was second to none and the food was excellent.

Clevedon be proud of your little hospital, a place I shall never forget.


Ashton Crescent, Nailsea

Fantastic support

IT WAS great to see the fantastic support given to Portishead Carnival this year. Jemma Cooper and Wendy Watkins did us proud by organising the fantastic Red Arrow display on the Friday and the entertainment on the Saturday.

Despite the awful weather the streets were lined with people to see the many floats, which were so inventive. Hundreds went down to the field to hear the bands who were kitted out in their wellies. The community spirit is alive and well in Portishead.

Well done to all and particular thanks to Jemma and Wendy for all their hard work on our behalf.


St Peters Road, Portishead

What a treat

WHAT a treat greeted thousands at the Lake Ground on Friday night when the Red Arrows gave us one of their demonstrations over the estuary, my heart was in my mouth a few times, and for once the sun shone and made this whole spectacular display great entertainment.

On the Saturday the weather was not so kind but not too bad either when the carnival floats paraded through the town.

Some years ago the carnival was on the back burner, it ceased to exist, that is until Jemma Cooper and Wendy Watkins decided that they would not let it die.

These two young women started to and have continued to organise the carnival.

Yes, other people help out on the day, I am sure we all recognised those members of the Lions, but the work of designing, advertising and creating this carnival is down to just these two.

I think Portishead owes them a great deal, their efforts mean a lot to those in this town both from a monetary point of view and for the great entertainment this day offers.

Yes, it was wet on the field but the fun still went on and people gave their support. Well done and thanks, again, Jemma and Wendy, another successful year done with your usual efficiency, we in Portishead owe you both our gratitude and admiration.


Cabstand, Portishead

Thank you

THE young people who attend the Portishead Warhammer Club would like to thank everyone who chose our club in the green token scheme at Waitrose.

The club is small and the funds will help us continue to provide the only opportunity locally for them to play their games and socialise.


Beach Road East, Portishead


CRAZY white line painting seen near the Tickenham Rabbit and Hutch Centre on the Tickenham road.

What a waste of ratepayers money, renewing the white lines, through the potholes, when it is obvious these potholes need repairing as soon as possible before anyone is involved in an accident.

When the potholes are finally repaired, the white lines will have to be reinstated.


Kenn Road, Clevedon


TO THE very lovely person who handed in my car key on May 29, and to the Lakeside Caf� who kept it safe until I called in on the off chance someone had done a good deed.

I was with my wife and two small grandchildren and on returning to the car was dismayed to say the least that it was missing.

Had it not been found it would have been a real disaster - we had to return home to collect another child from school.


Turnbury Avenue, Nailsea

Enjoying themselves

As A resident of the west side of Nailsea I must congratulate Nailsea Junior Football and Nailsea Rugby Club on a well run competition at the weekend.

I live 100 metres from the pitch and it was a pleasure to hear youngsters enjoying themselves even when in my garden enjoying the small amount of sun on Sunday.

Too often we hear from residents about how sport and the associated noise spoils their enjoyment in the garden.

Well done and let’s see more facilities in Nailsea being used in the same way.


Worcester Gardens, Nailsea

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