Readers’ letters - June 27

Union Jack

FURTHER to last week’s letter from John Morris picking up the Times on the use of the name Union Jack, a quick bit of online research gets you to the UK Flag Institute website where there is a comprehensive history of the Union Flag.

It also reports that in 1902 an Admiralty Circular announced that Their Lordships had decided that either name could be used officially. Such use was given Parliamentary approval in 1908 when it was stated that “the Union Jack should be regarded as the National flag”.

Also if I recall correctly the BBC TV Breakfast programme recently featured a representative from the Flag Institute who made it very clear that either name is acceptable.


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The Perrings, Nailsea


Most Read

I MUST write in support of Mark Williams in your edition of June 20 regarding the thoughtless dog owners who let their animals foul in the public playing fields, causing great distress to many people both young and old.

From the numerous articles in the local press this is a problem throughout North Somerset.

I started a programme in Claverham and Yatton called “CAY 9 dog walkers clean up campaign” last year in April which was launched with pictures in the press, and under the auspices of Yatton Pact and Neighbourhood Watch. We had sponsorship from Yatton Parish Council, Watkins and Tasker, and Bob Martins.

The aim was to encourage dog owners to clear up after their pets, as we put it to ‘stoop and scoop’. This campaign was directed at playing fields, paths, pavements and the Strawberry Line. We handed out leaflets, free poo bags, armbands and put up a lot of posters throughout the village warning of the health hazards associated with leaving dog mess around and also posters for the CAY9 campaign.

We have had some success, however there remains a hard core of owners who seem to delight in ripping down and destroying the posters and blatantly allowing their dogs to foul areas and not pick it up.

What is needed is that some of these owners are caught, prosecuted, their names published (named and shamed).

Unfortunately there is no support from the local police team.

A minority of thoughtless dog owners are causing widespread bad feelings against dogs, and many people are having to clean unwanted dog mess from shoes, pram wheels, cycles, and wheelchair tyres, a disgusting job which could and should be unnecessary.

Unless responsible owners and the general public get some support from the authorities to address this matter we are only able to try and shame the offenders into changing their ways.

I must add that I am an owner of two Collies, I always ‘stoop and scoop’.


Shiners Elms, Yatton

Parking charges

I AM writing with regard to the proposed parking charges being considered for areas outside Weston, as reported in last week’s Times.

I am very concerned by the comments made by the Strategic Planning and Economic Development Policy and Scrutiny Panel members, as they appear to be talking absolute nonsense.

The first comment is that the proposed charges will create “a higher turnover of visitors, generating more income for businesses”.

Do the members of the panel actually believe that parking charges will increase visitor numbers?

They go on to state that Clevedon traders in particular are crying out for such charges - maybe they could enlighten us as to who these traders are.

Cllr Richard Tucker even has the view that free parking in towns such as Clevedon and Nailsea is subsidised by Weston and this causes much annoyance to the people of Weston.

Firstly I would appreciate his explanation of how this is the case.

The car parks in the surrounding towns have not been maintained in years so where is the expense?

Secondly I would appreciate his opinion on the vast amounts of money spent on the redevelopment of the Weston sea front.

Surely all other taxpayers have subsidised Weston for this construction project.


Dark Lane, Backwell

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