Readers’ letters - June 13

Big Lunch

I AM sure that I am one of a great number of people who would like to thank all the churches, the Lions, the many other organisations involved and everyone who made the Big Lunch at Portishead such a wonderful event.

The atmosphere was terrific, the food amazing and so many people were having a wonderful time from eating, face painting to the music supplied by the jazz band.

A community event which was pure gold.


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Cabstand, Portishead

Flying the flag

Most Read

WAS the parish of Yatton the only parish in North Somerset whose council failed to fly a Union Flag, or display bunting during the celebratory weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

I seem to recall that bunting was purchased a number of years ago when the Queen visited Yatton.

Could they not find either the flag or bunting?’ Shame on them.


Court Avenue, Yatton

Thank you

I wish to thank all of the people who were involved with organising the special jubilee lunch, recently held at Nailsea Methodist Church.

All of the people who worked behind the scenes, cooking and baking, serving the food or washing up, did a wonderful job for all of us who are members of the lunch club.

Especially the two ladies who were helped by their spouses.

I want them to know that we are all very thankful.


Moorfields Road, Nailsea

Triangle traffic

THE correspondence about traffic control in Yatton reminds me of similar problems in the centre of Clevedon.

The important point to recognise is that in areas such as these the needs of motorists must take second place to the needs of pedestrians.

Would a 20mph speed limit in the Triangle area be supported by your readers?

The 20mph zone might be from the junction of Old Street with Highdale Avenue in the east, the traffic lights in Old Church Road at the junction with Great Western Road in the west, the mini-roundabout where Kenn Road meets Moor Lane in the south, and the top of Chapel Hill in the north. In practice most motorists do not travel much over 20mph in this area anyway, but a formal limit would emphasise that the Triangle area of Clevedon is primarily for pedestrians.


Glebe Road, Clevedon


HAVING read your article in the Times regarding the possible expansion of Highdown Infant and Junior schools, I wonder if the North Somerset council has taken into consideration the impact it will have on the residents of The Deans, The Downs and surrounding area of extra cars transporting these extra children many who live in the Village Quarter, The Marina and The Vale.

There is already a problem with traffic at start and finish of school in The Downs, The Deans and Down Road it is almost impossible to enter or exit at these times.

Also during the day there are 12 to 18 staff cars parked all day so there will most likely be more adding to the traffic problems.

The extra classes are needed at the schools in the lower part of Portishead where parents are being forced to send their children further afield.

It would make more sense to build extra classrooms where the extra homes are being built so these children can attend their nearest school.


The Deans, Portishead

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