Readers’ letters - January 16


Great achievement

LAST week the league tables for SATs 2012 were released to the public.

I am very proud to report that Kingshill came equal 12th out of the 54 primary schools in North Somerset for Level 4+ English and Maths combined in last year’s KS2 SATs tests.

Moreover, Kingshill came equal ninth out of the 54 primary schools in North Somerset for Value Added from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 in last year’s end of KS2 SATs tests.

In September 2011, we were given one year to improve. This is such a great achievement for us and I know that we have proved to Mr Gove and the Coalition Government that we did what we set out to do.

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I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped and never gave up in believing that we could do it.


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Kingshill Primary School

Pound Lane, Nailsea

Acts as flood plain

FOLLOWING on from Mr Gray’s letter which was printed last week, I would like to remind the council that this area of Nailsea acts as a flood plain, and that throughout the whole of this winter there has been a considerable amount of standing water on the site.

Were this site to be developed all this water, and all the water generated by the estate would need to be dealt with. Rather than have an area providing slow drainage, we could have high pressures of water run off. This could easily become a source of flooding in Nailsea, and lead to the area being classified as a high risk area. Were that to happen insurance premiums within the whole of Nailsea/Tickenham would become prohibitive.


Nightingale Gardens, Nailsea

Vanity publication

I READ with interest your article on the Government’s intention to clamp down on North Somerset’s Life magazine.

It is unfortunate that it took intervention from the Government to curb this publication since it has been the topic of concern in your press by a number of your readers for a considerable time.

The council decided that even though it costs £233,868 to produce this expenditure was justified in spite of the fact that the council is at pains to tell us how hard it is to balance their budgets.

The information within this publication is readily available through other media and I believe, like many others, that this money could be better spent on saving vital services within the community. I believe this magazine is a vanity publication as can be seen from the latest issue. Do we really need to be told how to ‘Burn Calories during our commute’ or ‘Keep healthy all year round’ or ‘Walk information’?

I only wish the council would dispense with it altogether as it will still cost a considerable amount to produce four times a year.

The local events, achievements of residents or organisations, council schemes and noteworthy issues can now be incorporated in the independent press which is what the press is all about isn’t it not the responsibility of our local council?

Thank you for keeping us up to date with local council issues which is what I expect from my local paper.


Horsecastle Close, Yatton

Finding fame

AFTER fame for Clevedon with films being made here and having the oldest working cinema, notoriety has now been achieved.

Clevedon is now featured in the Daily Mail (January 5 page 20) with a picture of one of our myriad potholes!

Congratulations to North Somerset Council - you are keeping our name in front of the nation, alas, for the wrong reasons.


The Tynings, Clevedon


I AM writing to you to air my concern over the ever escalating issue of litter on the streets of Portishead, caused by the poor service provided by our refuse collection.

The system that is currently in use for paper/metal/plastic is completely unfit for purpose, with no retaining top on either of the green boxes allowing plastics and paper to blow everywhere.

Also, I have complained on numerous occasions to the council about the level of service provided by the refuse collection as they tend to spill the waste during the collection and never pick it up.

The council promises to tell the contractor to return to rectify. It may blow away, and not on one occasion have they turned up to rectify their poor level of service. If you take a concerned look around you will see litter at every corner of our town.

So please, if you too are disappointed by the level of rubbish blowing around your street, pick up the phone and air your opinion to the council so we can get this changed.


St Marys Road, Portishead

Thank you

MAY I through your letters page thank the people of Portishead for the support shown to the town band during its recent Christmas Carol collection held at various locations in the town.

The money donated will help to ensure the running of the band this year.

Thank you to all for the positive comments in regards to our current situation.

If you were one of several people who expressed an interest in coming along and haven’t yet, please do!

We were delighted to have four new faces in the bandroom after the Christmas break.

Please contact John Blaker on 01275 818575 for any further info.


Contest secretary,

Portishead Town Band

Baytree Road, Clevedon

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