Readers’ letters - February 22


IT HAD not been my intention to carry this correspondence about the skate park and the Lake Grounds any further but after the attack on the mental ‘contortions’, of those that oppose the skate park project by Councillor Donald Davies from Pill, I feel that I must reply.

I find his comment most insulting but that is the sort of attack that anyone who opposes the skate park can expect.

Perhaps if Cllr Davies cannot accept the alternative view then perhaps he is in public office for the wrong reason.

In these economic times council tax should not be spent on this project, better to have the street lights back on.

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Let the supporters raise the whole amount, find a site, buy it and then develop the site, but not at the expense of the Lake Grounds.

Then we have the other correspondent Paul Dunn representing the view of the local Labour Party, who is now seeking to make political capital from the issue.

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As for privilege, I am not privileged and I don’t live in the Coast Ward, but I have been a resident of the town for most of my life.

This now brings me to the comments of Ms Hennessy.

Of course the skate park supporters were in the majority at the council meetings to discuss this as they had a vested interest to be there but it doesn’t mean that Portishead as a whole are in favour as she continually claims.

Then she claims without any basis that the ‘majority of Coast Ward were in favour’. Where did she pluck that statistic from?

I have details of the addresses that North Somerset Council approached as part of the planning procedure and it is certainly not the whole of the ward.

In fact it is just 16 properties and of those four where non-residential.

I also understand that Cllr David Pasley conducted his own research in the area and had an overwhelming ‘No’ to the plans.

As it seems that Ms Hennessy has no faith in our current elected representatives the answer is in her own hands, stand at the May elections as an Independent or otherwise and get elected to the council.

Portishead councillors have refrained, to their credit, from entering into correspondence at this time but that can’t be said of Cllr Davies from Pill.

I don’t understand why the two Weston members of North Somerset Council referred the decision back to the council again after approval, as it has little effect on them or their constituents.

Finally I would like to say again that myself and others are not against a skate park, and there may in fact be a real need for this amenity, but the Lake Grounds is not the place for it.


Brampton Way, Portishead


I WAS pleased to read Mrs Gradwell’s letter called ‘Safety is at top of the list’ in last week’s Times and to realise that someone else is on my wavelength.

I am in favour of saving money on street lighting when the fewest people are at risk and in need of them but if, as was the case in Clevedon on Christmas Day, it leads to accidents and the tragic death of a pedestrian, then why do we not switch off half the lights - either every other one if this can be achieved or one side of the road and leave the other?

This will indeed, cut the bill by half whilst maintaining enough light for those who need to be out during the night.

Councils will still reduce their costs and we retain our safety and security.

Another thing which may help is switching off traffic light pedestrian crossings at night when there is little or no traffic and fewer pedestrians.

If you drive early or late, you will notice just how bright these are and whilst they are not needed, they too seem an unnecessary expense.

How about it North Somerset?


Riverleaze, Portishead


A WORD of praise for the local council.

I rang at 8.40am on Thursday to report two large potholes outside my house. At 1.30pm I returned home from shopping to find, to my amazement, that the potholes had both been filled.

Thank you to our local council for their prompt action on this occasion.


Old Church Road, Clevedon

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