Readers’ letters - December 21

Solar panels

IN RESPONSE to the letters regarding solar panels I have this to say.

Firstly, the solar panels placed haphazardly upon many alternating roofs are an eyesore, and no amount of panels will ever negate the requirement of pylons. The solar panels that many people believe will reduce their electricity bills, are, in fact a waste of time. My mother, a pensioner, has these panels which were installed through a housing association.

The panels can provide free electricity - during the day. The electricity generated is not stored, so cannot be utilised at times when electricity is needed most.

On dark, cloudy days, as we have experienced recently when lights are needed at 2.45pm, the panels are virtually useless, as during this time they are not generating sufficient electricity.

My mother was told that she would be able to run an electric fire all day - for free. Yes, she may be able to - during the summer months. The electricity provided by the panels works only during daylight, providing that the day is actually bright enough, and during the winter, when heat and light are needed most, they fail.

So, electricity can be free during the daytime, when most people are at work, out shopping, gardening, etc, but when the evening comes, it is dark, cold - the lights and fire are needed - then this is when you pay normal price for your electricity. So where is the gain? I wish that people would actually investigate or speak from personal experience before they start trying to spread their ‘brainwashed’ opinions.

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Elm Lodge Road, Wraxall


SO WHERE did Jules Richardson get the idea that solar panels provided free, sustainable energy.

I think he has accepted the bribe of 43.3p/kwh from the Government to have them installed. The bribe is being paid by the rest of the electricity consumers who are having to pay an extra �90 a year to cover this so-called subsidy. If solar panels were self-financing why has the solar panel industry collapsed now that the bribe has been reduced to 20.00p/kwh?


The Garstons, Portishead

Well done

FOLLOWING Natasha Ferson’s letter on December 7, I too took my children to watch the switching on of the lights at Portishead.

I can only say how good Santa was with my two girls, one of whom was so excited she was shaking.

Well done Father Christmas, we thought you did a brilliant job, and what a spectacular finish to the switching on with the wonderful firework display.

Can I also add a big thank you to everyone connected with Portishead Christmas lights.


Drakes Way, Portishead

Hard work

I AM writing in response to Wendy Watkins’ response regarding my previous letter about Santa and the switching on of the lights in Portishead.

The commitment and hard work of the volunteers was never in question and I would be very disappointed of anyone who thought that.

The problem was the blatant disregard of the so-called Santa, after he received clear communication from a very helpful volunteer who proceeded to ask Santa to come back and say hello as he had missed us or even to acknowledge, or even wave, but no he said he had been near that area and walked off without even looking back.

There were a few more people than myself and the two children.

I would call that a breakdown of communication on his part, not the public or the kind helpful volunteer/helper.

My letter was merely aimed at the ignorance of Santa not the volunteers.


Forth Avenue, Portishead

Thank you

THE organisers of Portbury Community Caf� would like to wish its customers past and present a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year.

A big thank you very much for the wonderful support you have all given us and thank you to the parish council for funding the advertising banner.


Priory Road, Portbury

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