Readers’ letters - August 24


HAVE the councillors who have such faith in ‘common sense parking’ tried getting in and out of the Waitrose car park at busy times?

The congestion will only get worse with the opening of the Lidl store and the Travelodge.


Monmouth Road, Pill


FOLLOWING some negative reports in the local papers regarding the Clevedon Triangle, I would like to assure people that although there are empty shops there are still many superb shops in The Triangle relying on the support of local people.

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Many of these are independent retailers, like myself at Splash Gallery, who try to offer a unique service which you will struggle to get elsewhere.

We sell everything related to framing from a simple ready-made frame to an excellent bespoke framing service with advice and delivery service if required.

Around The Triangle we have card and gift shops, linen shops, a florist, pet shops, jewellers, a health food shop, discount stores, stationers, chemists and a phone shop to name a few and when you need a break visit our coffee shop and restaurants.

Before you buy online or shop elsewhere please think local.

We are here for you and relying on your service.


Splash Gallery, Old Church Road, Clevedon


DESPITE Nailsea not being entered in the South West in Bloom competition I didn’t think this year should pass without some recognition being made of the tremendous time and effort put in by the many volunteers responsible for the numerous floral displays in and around the town.

Each year new displays are added at various locations, only adding to the effort required by all concerned to maintain the high standards achieved in the past.

I am sure I speak for all residents in saying a big thank you to all the volunteers for their magnificent displays and though this year there will be no gold awards just to let you know your efforts are very much appreciated by us all.


Hillcrest Road, Nailsea


I HAVE been trying to find my aunt who lived in Portishead and saw in your newspaper an entry for the Tree of Light 2010 - Gloria Pinder and family Bob Pinder (always in our hearts).

This is the name of my uncle and aunt.

They had a daughter named Angela and a son named Andrew.

I wonder if you could help me in trying to get in contact.


42 Dainty Street, Oakhill, Stoke-on-Trent.


(Telephone 07585807910)


A LOT of things have changed since the first Nailsea Flower Show more than 150 years ago.

The schedule no longer contains things like knitted stockings or the best kept donkey, instead we have digital photography and items of hand-made jewellery.

Many of the old traditions still exist to this day however, we still have our marquee with its high quality vegetable, flowers and fruit entries. The traditional appearance of the brass band continues to this day.

The fact that we are able to continue with the upkeep of this traditional village event is due to many people - those involved in putting on the show, members of the society and their friends and family, our exhibitors, some of whom travel some distance, and of course our visitors.

To all these people, Nailsea Horticultural Society would like to say a big thank you for your participation, and look forward to seeing you all again at the Spring Show.

If you would like to become involved in helping keep this great event for our town, please contact either of the secretaries on 01275 855342 or 855563.

We would also like to thank the press and Radio Bristol for their excellent coverage of our show.


Nailsea Horticultural Society

Clevedon Road, Tickenham


I NOTE from last week’s Times (Arsonists condemned) that a further incident of arson has taken place in the area.

This is the fifth occasion that I am aware of in our region within the past three months.

A member of my family was a victim of one of these previous incidents, which could have destroyed their home.

Arson has been classified for far too long as a juvenile sport called ‘torching’ and it is about time it was stopped and treated as a serious crime carrying a mandatory custodial sentence.

Certain residents are fully aware of the individuals committing these crimes and they should report them to the police.

Recent events throughout our cities is a stark reminder that these crimes should no longer be trivialised and ignored and it is the duty of everyone to get that message across to our youths.


High Street, Portbury

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