Rare Andean bear twins born at zoo

Madidi in her enclosure.

Madidi in her enclosure. - Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Rare Andean bear twins were born at a Wraxall zoo.

The bear cubs are only the second set of Andean bear twins ever to be born in Britain.

Staff at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm have been delighted by the birth of twin Andean bears. The zoo has released CCTV footage from the near dark cubbing den showing the tiny bear cubs being cuddled by their mother, Madidi.

The bear cubs were born on 11th January to first time mum, Madidi. Cubs are born blind and helpless, weighing around 300 grams and roughly the size of a guinea pig. 

Lead keeper Jayne Gibbins said: “We could hear the distinctive sound of the bear cubs trilling and chittering before we could see them. The cubs are born so tiny and as soon as they were born Madidi scooped them up in her arms.”

The Andean bear facility at Noah’s Ark is state of the art and has a specially designed cubbing den with 24-hour infra-red CCTV which captures video footage and is also fitted with sensitive microphones to be able to capture sounds in the den.