Random drug testing in Clevedon

TRACES of controlled drugs were found on almost a third of people entering a Clevedon nightclub on one Saturday night.

Working with the venue owners, police carried out a session of random drug testing on revellers going into Vibe at the Hand Stadium on November 20.

Using a special scanning machine, officers are able to identify traces of drugs on people’s hands and clothing.

All those going to Vibe at the time were told they had to be tested before being allowed entry into the club and out of 157 people, 49 people tested positive for controlled drugs.

The concentration of substances found on most people was very low and many people may have picked up the traces by touching surfaces or money that have had drugs on them.

However, some positive results did show a high amount on some people and they were taken to one side and searched by officers.

Used as a preventative measure by police, it is hoped that the random testing will put people off carrying drugs into pubs and clubs in the area.

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PC Dave Hughes said: “Just having the testing on the door should be enough to scare people off.

“Many of those who tested positive would have picked up the traces from elsewhere without even realising.”

Many of the people entering Vibe on November 20 had been to pubs and bars in Clevedon before moving on to the Davis Lane venue.

Cocaine traces were found on the majority of people that tested positive with some showing traces of ephedrine.