Pylon campaigners vow to fight on

CAMPAIGNERS in Nailsea have vowed to continue their fight to get a new 400,000 volt power line put under the ground.

Nailsea Action Group made the statement after National Grid announced this morning (Thurs) what route the huge line will take through the North Somerset countryside. (Click on the link at the top-right of this story for the full decision.)

The line will replace the existing 132,000 volt cables that run to the west of Nailsea, near Tickenham, which was the option chosen by most of the 8,000 responses sent to the energy company over two years of consultation.

Despite National Grid choosing the option preferred by the majority of Nailsea’s residents, Nailsea Action Group still plans to lobby for the cables to be put underground or under the Severn Estuary.

Chairman Keith Edwards said: “National Grid has taken notice of the views of Nailsea area’s residents on which corridor would be the lesser of two evils.

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“However, after two years of debate it is hugely disappointing that National Grid has not grasped this opportunity to preserve the visual amenity of the countryside around Nailsea by placing these lines wholly underground.

“The views and concerns of so many who live and work here seem to have been put aside.

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“National Grid says it will consider laying parts of the connection underground but, until it tells us which parts, the agony goes on.”

Nailsea Action Group is made up representatives from Nailsea Town Council and members of the two campaign groups, Save Our Valley and Save Nailsea West.

Its campaign has the backing of North Somerset MP Dr Liam Fox, who has supported the call for for undergrounding.

Group member Fiona Erleigh said: “There has been a complete sea-change in public opinion. It is no longer acceptable to pollute the countryside, towns and villages with pylons.

“Everyone who lives, works or spends leisure time here will be affected by these giant pylons whether they run close to their homes or not.”

The campaigners believe the public are willing to pay the cost of underground cabling, which National Grid has said will amount to �1 extra on the average annual domestic bill.

Nailsea Action Group has said it is prepared for a long fight against the power line plans before the completion of the new nuclear generator in Bridgwater, which has been put back to at least 2018.

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