Group protests against new police and crime bill

Nailsea Climate Emergency protest against police and crime bill

Members of Nailsea Climate Emergency protesting against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. - Credit: Nailsea Climate Emergency

A protest against a controversial new bill which could affect peaceful demonstrations was held in Nailsea on Saturday.

Members of Nailsea Climate Emergency Group protested outside North Somerset MP Dr Liam Fox's office under the banner 'Let Democracy Bloom'.

The event was held to draw attention to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which is currently at committee stage in the House of Commons.

Campaigners believe the bill, which will enable police to add more restrictions to protests, poses a threat to non-violent demonstrations. 

A group spokesman said: "The bill would allow the police more powers in managing disruptive protests, but its many critics believe it is an attempt to curb legitimate protest and arises from the recent Extinction Rebellion, Students Strike marches, Black Lives Matter and, most recently, Violence Against Women protests. All of which raised significant awareness of very real and pressing problems facing our society, both nationally and globally.

"The new law is ill-conceived and would make many forms of peaceful protest a criminal act subject to potentially hefty prison sentences."

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