Portishead Twitch streamer raises £2k for Bristol Pride  

Daniel Hudson and his wife Rebecca.

Daniel Hudson and his wife Rebecca. - Credit: Daniel Hudson

A live streamer is 'blown away' by supporters of his fundraiser who have collected £2,000 for Bristol Pride through his Twitch channel.  

Daniel Hudson, of Portishead, ran the fundraiser over Pride month in June, where people all around the world watched him play Sonic games on the video live streaming service three-four times a week.

He set a target of £200 for the month, but surpassed the figure within 30 minutes of the first stream of the fundraising month, finishing off the first day on more than £425.  

Dan has also given all his revenue from his Twitch channel towards the month-long fundraiser, which ended on July 1 with a £1,600 donation to Bristol Pride, which after Gift Aid becomes £2,000.  

He said: “At the start of Pride month, my wife suggested why don’t you do a fundraiser. Seeing people I know in the LGBTQ+ community and knowing what they have been through inspired me to do this. People name-calling, making hurtful comments being outcast from their families and from their homes for being who they are, it needs to change.  

Daniel Hudson and his wife Rebecca.

Daniel Hudson and his wife Rebecca. - Credit: Daniel Hudson

“I’m still a pretty small Twitch streamer, so I thought if we raise £200 for the month, I’ll be happy. I was donating my earnings to the cause as well, which is around £100-£200 per month.  

“I hadn’t even started streaming, and all of a sudden the donations come rolling in. There is a very big LGBTQ+ community on Twitch who watch from all over the world, and we smashed the £200 mark within 30 minutes of the first stream, finishing off day one at £425.79. I was honestly blown away.  

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“It’s hard to put into words about how much this means to me. I set out what I wanted to achieve, to try and make a bit of a difference in what I would be able to do, I finished the month raising ten times the amount I thought would be possible.  

“I’m incredibly grateful for the support within the wider gaming community to raise money for Bristol Pride's incredible work, it’s a very special charity which means a lot to me. I know how important it is and the work they do, it means the absolute world.” 

For more information about Bristol Pride, log-on to www.bristolpride.co.uk/