Portishead Rotary club's generous donation boosts dyslexia group

PUBLISHED: 16:01 21 November 2017

Portishead Rotary Club has handed Dyslexia Portishead a cheque for £200.

Portishead Rotary Club has handed Dyslexia Portishead a cheque for £200.

Portishead Rotary Club

An education organisation, which supports people who have dyslexia, has benefited from hundreds of pounds of funding.

Portishead Rotary Club has made a large donation to Dyslexia Portishead which will help boost the children’s learning.

A Rotary group spokesman said: “Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which means that it causes problems with certain abilities used for learning, such as reading and writing.

“Unlike a learning disability, intelligence isn’t affected.

“It’s estimated that up to one in every 10-20 people in the UK has some degree of dyslexia.”

Dyslexia Portishead has four teachers and is based at St Barnabas Children’s Centre in West Hill.

On Monday and Tuesday mornings the teachers provide tuition to primary-aged children.

The Rotary spokesman added: “The children are taught by the same teacher each week, with a ratio of one teacher to two children.

“The lessons last for one 
hour and each child has his or 
her own individual programme 
of work.

“An assessment is given before the child starts lessons, to determine the child’s needs.

“Parents will receive a report on the findings of the assessment, which will include a plan and targets for future sessions.

“The teaching builds confidence and self-esteem in the child and helps them to improve their literacy skills.”

Portishead Rotary Club has decided to make Dyslexia Portishead one of its charities of the year so it can fully support the teachers in their ‘valuable’ work.

President John Sleight presented a cheque for £200 to Dyslexia Portishead teacher Sally Hughes on November 14.

Sally said: “I can’t thank the Rotary club enough for its kind donation.

“It will be put to very good use and will benefit the learning programme for the children.”

The money will be used to buy equipment.

Mr Sleight added: “We were delighted to make a contribution to the educational learning for the children.

“If it can help to further enhance the work carried on at the centre then we are delighted’.

Dyslexia Portishead has some vacancies at the moment and to find out more about the group email dyslexia.portishead@outlook.com

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