Portishead cadet, 16, praised for saving woman's life

Portishead cadet saves elderly woman after head injuries

Army Cadet Cpl Lauren Rae helped an elderly woman who had sustained serious head injuries. - Credit: Somerset Army cadets

An army cadet from Portishead has been praised for using her first aid skills to help an elderly woman who had suffered a head injury.

Sixteen-year-old Cpl Lauren Rae and her friend, George Richards, a St John Ambulance cadet, ran to the women's aid barefoot after being notified by a friend of the victim.

Upon arrival, Lauren discovered an ambulance had been called for the 61-year-old woman who was conscious but with bleeding around her head.

16-year-old cadet saves woman who falls searching for lost cat.

Lauren and her friend rushed to the scene barefoot. - Credit: Somerset Army cadets

Lauren, who is a member of the Somerset Army Cadet Force's Portishead platoon, told the Times: "I did not have time to think and just took on the responsibility.

"When you see someone in that situation you feel responsible for their health and I made sure to stay with her until the ambulance arrived."

The cadet then checked the lady's pulse and determined it was weakening so she decided to call the emergency services again and ask for an estimated arrival time.

At 12.45am, a police car stopped to assist Lauren and the group. They noted that the victim was now drifting in and out of consciousness and called for a duty police medic.

Somerset Army cadet saves woman's life.

Cadets from Somerset Cadet competing on the First Aid stand in The Rifles National Cadet Competition 2016. - Credit: Somerset Army cadets

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Lauren added: "I sat with her for around three hours before help arrived and wrapped her in blankets to keep her warm.

"I have always shown an interest in first aid and see myself becoming a paramedic or an army medic in the future."

Lauren's platoon commander told the Times that the group was proud of Lauren's bravery in the ordeal.

HRH The Duke of Kent KG watches a class of cadets conducting a First Aid lesson as he opens the new

HRH The Duke of Kent watches a class of cadets conducting a First Aid lesson after opening the Joint Cadet Centre in Nailsea in 2014. - Credit: Somerset Army cadets

Nick Broderick said: "Lauren joined four years ago and has come into her own over that time with us.

"We are immensely proud of her and when you hear things like this it makes all the hard work we put in worth it."

It was later discovered that the victim had been searching for her lost cat before stumbling over a ditch and hitting her head on the concrete road.

For more information on the cadets, or on how to join the group, log on to www.armycadets.com/county/somerset-acf

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