Video: Porposies spotted of Clevedon Pill

This is the moment an eagle-eyed naturist spotted the incredibly rare sight of porpoises off Clevedon.

The video, sent in by Howard Taffs, shows a group of porposies surfacing just off Clevedon Pill.

Harbour porposies, which are common in the Bristol Channel, are the smallest member of the cetacean family which includes whales and dolphin.

The aquatic mammals can grow up to two metres in length, and are dark grey on their back, with paler grey sides and underbelly,

Porposies are known to be a shy species, and are usually seen alone or in small groups,

However, porposies are rarely seen breaking the surface of the water.

Mr Taffs said: “Porpoises are very rarely seen off Clevedon Pill, though are obviously present in the estuary generally.

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“I thought it worth mentioning especially as people appreciate something that’s not related to the current health scare.”

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