Pool extends opening hours

TRUSTEES of Portishead Open Air Pool have agreed to extend September opening times after swimmers pledged their support.

Earlier in the year trustees agreed that weekday opening times for September would be 4-7pm but pleas from swimmers have led to a u-turn and the pool will now be open from 2pm throughout September.

Pool spokesman Barbara Thatcher said: “It was agreed to keep the pool closed until 4pm in September because the pool can be quiet on weekdays once families are back to school after the holidays and we have to be mindful of operating costs.

“However, recent feedback from volunteers, members and swimmers has demonstrated such enthusiasm and support for the pool opening earlier, that the trustees have changed their minds and have agreed to weekday openings from 2-7pm.”

Times remain unchanged for the early morning swim sessions for season ticket holders.

Trustees say it is vital that people support the pool in September as the final month can be a drain on finances.

Mrs Thatcher added: “The local community fought to save the pool and we all need to continue to support it by using it, so that future generations can enjoy this wonderful amenity.”