Police will target High Street parking

IRRESPONSIBLE parking in Portishead High Street will not be tolerated according to police in the town.

That is the message officers are sending out, following the re-opening of the town centre after the completion of extensive road improvements.

For years, the absence of warning signs on single yellow lines in High Street has allowed motorists to flout parking restrictions, but with new signs now in place, the law can and will be enforced.

Parking on yellow lines and on zig zags at zebra crossings has been blamed for the traffic chaos, which is common place in the Portishead High Street.

Because of this members of the community voted to make it a priority with the town’s Partners and Communities Together (PACT) group.

Police have confirmed they will be clamping down on illegal parking.

Portishead Police Sergeant Jim Robinson has warned that members of the police team will make regular patrols along High Street and will be dealing positively with parking offenders.