Police stop 5,000 in drink drive crackdown

AVON and Somerset Police have stopped 5,000 motorists since they began their Christmas drink and drug driving crackdown.

Since Operation Tonic began on December 1, officers have tested 364 motorists and arrested 26.

Chief Inspector Polly King said: “There are no excuses for anyone to be driving under the influence of drink or drugs today.

“I am particularly disappointed that younger people do not seem to be heeding our advice or warnings.”

Nearly a third of those arrested were aged under-25, which police say reflects the trend of the past five years.

Ch In King added: “We are really hoping that this trend does not continue and I would urge everyone to resist the temptation to drink drive.”

Police are urging people to not drive if they have had any alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs which advise you not to drive or operate machinery.

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Since 2002 there has been gradual fall in the number of drivers arrested for drink driving, reducing from a peak of 329 to 207 a year ago, but police say they will be out and about this year to further drive down the number of offenders.

Ch Insp King said: “We will remain relentless in our pursuit of drink drivers and our campaign to purge the roads of those who are willing to put the lives of themselves and others at potential risk by driving after having a drink.”