Police patrols stepped-up for Halloween

POLICE in North Somerset will be stepping up their patrols on Sunday evening with the advent of Halloween.

While trick or treating is seen as a bit of fun for some, others take it as a chance to get up to mischief causing anxiety for some residents.

Posters to be published in this week’s edition of the Times can be cut out and put up in house windows so residents can send a clear message to unwelcome callers.

Inspector Liz Hughes said: “As part of Operation Relentless, we are keen to keep antisocial behaviour down again this year, so we are visiting schools to speak to pupils about safety and appropriate behaviour.

“We are also working with local retailers to discourage the sale of eggs and flour to those under 18 years old.”

For a safe and enjoyable Halloween, follow these tips:

- Always go trick or treating with other people.

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- Make sure an adult knows where you will be and always stay in that area.

- Don’t go into the homes of people you do not know.

- Respect posters put up by people who do not want to be disturbed.