Picture gallery: Children in Need

FUND-RAISERS across North Somerset earned their spots as they collected cash for this year’s Children in Need appeal.

On Friday, numerous schools and groups held events to raise money for the BBC campaign.

? Pupils at Portishead’s Cheryl Rowlands School of Drama used teddies in their dramatic art as part of their fund-raising activities. Youngsters contributed coins to include their toys in class activities as they prepared for their forthcoming production of Carry On Screaming.

? Spotty clothes were worn by children at Golden Valley Primary School in Nailsea where youngsters in year five also decorated biscuits to sell. Headteacher Kevin Lynch even turned up in his wife’s spotty dressing gown and shower cap and a total of �500 was raised for this year’s appeal.

? Also in Nailsea, a Children in Need party was thrown for children at St Francis Preschool in Ash Hayes Road and the children dressed in spots.

? At Tickenham Primary School, children enjoyed a non-uniform day with some pupils sporting some spotty attire in return for a �1 donation. A cake sale also helped to raise money and staff members also dressed in spots, wore Pudsey ears and badges on their clothes. One innovative pupil also brought in a jar of sweets and charged others 50p to guess how many were in it.

? Pirate activities at Portishead’s open air pool helped pull in almost �600 for Children in Need. A nautical-themed obstacle race saw participants race long the seafront before heading in to the lido for more fun and games. Swimmers braved the icy waters, walking the plank at �5 a time to put more coffers in the pot at the open air pool. An impromptu length by trustee Roger Whitfield and Martin Barnett from the Lockhouse Lounge, who stripped to their underwear for an unexpected swim, raised more than �50. Staff at Crest Nicholson raised �250 in sponsorship for their team entry for the open air pool’s fund-raising antics.

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