Petition for new speed limit

RESIDENTS in Nailsea’s West End have united in a bid to fight against the speed and volume of traffic using country lanes in the area.

People living along or near Netherton Wood Lane, Nailsea Wall Lane and West End Lane have started a petition and hope to lobby local councillors for the introduction of a slower speed limit, a weight restriction and better signage.

Currently, despite being narrow, winding lanes, these roads are subject to the national speed limit.

Campaigners want this reduced to prevent the accidents that regularly occur between vehicles and to ensure the safety of horse riders, cyclists and walkers who use the lanes.

They also want to see a weight restriction introduced to prevent large vehicles causing damage to the verges and walls at the roadside.

Concerns about the volume of traffic using the lanes have also been expressed. Livestock owners have been forced to move their animals in trucks, rather than walking them along the roads, and residents feel unsafe walking.

Campaigners will attend the Nailsea Town Council meeting tonight (Wed) being held at the Trinity Centre at Holy Trinity Church in Church Lane from 7.30pm.

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Residents wanting to support them are invited to attend.