Pathway proposal to link two towns

A FOOTPATH connecting Nailsea and Clevedon could soon be built allowing cyclists and pedestrians easy access between the two towns.

An existing bridleway, which has been popular with horse riders in recent years, would be extended under the current proposal.

Nailsea and Clevedon town councils will meet on Friday to discuss the idea to see if it is a feasible and worthwhile project.

Ian Morrell, Nailsea Town Council clerk, said public consultations had highlighted a desire for a route between Nailsea and Clevedon.

He said: “A number of years ago there was an area called North Drove and there was a campaign to designate it as a bridleway, which was successful.

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“We are now seeing if that bridleway can be extended and there may then be a route for people to walk or cycle.”

Mr Morrell said the majority of the route would be placed in Nailsea’s parish and admitted the plans were in their infancy. Even if talks with Clevedon Town Council prove fruitful, discussions with landowners would still be needed and grant applications for funding made.

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Mr Morrell said: “It is one of those things for community benefit. There are some good footpaths around Nailsea and it is something the town council would like to see more of.”

Gordon Bennett, chairman of Nailsea and District Footpath Group, welcomed the idea.

He said: “Since the North Drove [bridleway] was opened several years ago, it has proved to be extremely popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders, and I am sure the proposed route would be equally popular.

“Our only concern would be if we were expected to sacrifice an existing path or paths in exchange for the new route.”

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