Parents’ dismay at swimming costs

Strode Centre, Clevedon.

Strode Centre, Clevedon. - Credit: Archant

A GROUP of mums have hit out at a Clevedon leisure centre after the cost of swimming lessons was put up despite conditions at the pool being described as ‘disgusting’.

The parents all have children who regularly attend lessons at Strode Leisure Centre, which is owned by North Somerset Council and ran by DC Leisure.

Recently the price of lessons for their children was increased by £1 per month, a move the council says is due to inflation.

However, some mums have been left annoyed the cost should increase despite the fact they say the pool changing rooms are often overcrowded and dirty.

Last month, the Times reported how extra cleaning regimes and repairs were being put in place to improve the situation. However, some parents do not think it is good enough. Michelle Andrews, whose six-year-old son Charlie, goes to lessons once a week said: “I’m annoyed at the fact they want to put the cost up even though nothing has changed.

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“The changing rooms are horrible.

“Charlie is not confident enough to not have lessons yet and going anywhere else would mean driving to Weston or Portishead.

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“Gerry Goldberg’s six-year-old son Daniel also attends weekly lessons.

She said: “The cost keeps rising without any explanation.

“If the changing rooms had been improved we wouldn’t be so mad.

“It’s a shame because the swimming teachers are trying really hard and do their best.”

Jane Keedwell, whose six-year-old daughter Chloe also attends weekly lessons, said: “People have been asked to wear overshoes when going into the changing rooms but no one really wears them.

“It can get so crowded in there when you’ve got one lot of kids going in and another lot coming out.

“I know they’re trying but for the amount of money we pay it is not good.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “Unfortunately prices do increase due to inflation and there is nothing we can do about this.

“We are continuing to work closely with the leisure centre to further improve any cleanliness issues that have been raised.”

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