Officers target parked cars

POLICE officers in Clevedon have been clamping down on cars parked in a busy shopping street over the permitted time limit.

PSCOs and PCs from the town have been in Hill Road on a regular basis to try to make sure vehicles are only parked there for the maximum limit of two hours.

There has long been an issue with cars being left in the road for much of the day, causing business owners to raise concerns that their trade could be affected if there is a lack of available parking outside their premises.

PCSO Caroline Harris said: “When we have been in Hill Road a lot of people have been moving their cars.

“It had the desired effect in regards to the fact that people were aware that we were there.

“An awful lot of people moved their cars and I think the positive message was passed on to them.

“It is not fair for the local traders if people park there all day long.”

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Hill Road is a regular feature on the officers’ patrol plan and they intend to carry on enforcing the parking restriction on a regular basis.

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