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Rear View Of Mature Couple Standing In Garden Look At Dream Home In Countryside

Rear View Of Mature Couple Standing In Garden Look At Dream Home In Countryside - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The teams at Reeds Rains look at the effect the pandemic has had on property buyers and sellers and offer advice to those on the move

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It seems that, in light of recent events, many people are reassessing their day to day lives and questioning what’s truly important to them. As part of this, many are coming to realise just how their home and its location can contribute to their future well-being.

With this in mind, at Reeds Rains we believe sellers should consider changing how they promote their property, thinking about the lifestyle that buyers may now crave and how their property might support this.

We have been asking our buyers if the effects of Covid-19 have prompted them to make the move, if their aspirations have changed in recent months and if so, what they are looking for now.

Some of our clients say they have come to realise the home they have (and once dreamed of) no longer meets their needs, while others say they are making the move to set the scene for a new lifestyle.

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Working from home featured highly on the list for many of the clients we spoke to who now feel the need to move to a property that offers adequate space for a home office as they see this as part of their future. With this in mind, if you are selling a property and it has an existing office or study it’s definitely worth viewing this as a key selling feature and working with your agent to promote it. Present it in the best and tidiest way possible, highlighting its suitability as an office and perhaps drawing on your own experiences. You could also mention any local facilities that might benefit home workers. A good local Post Office and postal service, for example, may be welcomed.

If you’ve not got an office space, look for an opportunity to promote areas of your property, or even your garden, where an office could be created.

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Having experienced more time at home with direct family, many clients say they have realised the need for more outdoor space, with some opting for a house in a more rural or countryside setting, in the hope of a better, healthier quality of life. So if you are selling a property in the country, focus on the opportunities it may offer the individual buyer, whether a family with young children, a professional couple or someone living on their own. Highlight any local amenities and the opportunities the location presents to enjoy their leisure time whether joining local groups, walking, cycling or attending local pubs. Try to consider all that the property and the location offers. Make sure you also provide information about local transport links, bus services and even taxi firms.

Whatever your priorities, as a buyer or seller, tenant or landlord, maybe, gaining the advice and support of a local property professional is a great way to start. Our teams in Portishead and Clevedon will be pleased to offer advice to landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers.

We all know the local area and the local property market and as a franchise we have the autonomy of an independent agent while having the professional back up of a larger organisation.

We are always here to help and a chat about your property needs costs nothing.

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