New Year vigil for crash teen

A CANDELIGHT vigil will be held in memory of a 19-year-old soldier killed in a car crash in Clevedon on Christmas Day.

Edward Heal, was walking home in Kenn Road when he was involved in an accident with a Mazda at 1.15am.

Friends have left messages of support on the pavement by the accident site and will gather by the roadside at 11.45pm tomorrow evening (Sat).

His mother, Elaine Coles, of Butterfield Park, Clevedon, said his friends wanted to be with Ed as they would have done on New Year’s Eve as normal.

With many expected to attend the vigil, the street lights in Kenn Road which were recently turned off to save money, will be switched on for the night to ensure everyone remains safe.

The lights will be turned on along Kenn Road from the pelican crossing back to Moor Lane Roundabout, and Great Western Way up to The Barn car park where the council has agreed people can congregate for the vigil.

* For a full report and tribute to Ed check out next week’s Times