New signs to spread speeding message

SIGNS have been put up around Clevedon to warn drivers they are entering a Speedwatch zone.

Volunteers who carry out speed checks on vehicles in the town have, in the past, become victims of verbal abuse, threats and even assaults from drivers who have spotted them at the roadside.

In a bid to make road users aware the group operates in the town, 25 signs have now been put up on lampposts around Clevedon.

Speedwatch volunteer Dave Brockington said: “Speedwatch put up the new signs because there is insufficient signage in the town and the police agree.

“The signs are an effort to draw attention to drivers that there are speed cameras in force.

“If they know about it beforehand they can’t get surprised and hopefully don’t get angry.

“They are advisory warnings.

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“We want to raise awareness that there are speed limits to be obeyed.

“A woman has just received a letter after driving at 50mph outside Clevedon School.”

Signs have been put up in roads including Northern Way, Central Way, Walton Road and Kenn Road.

The Speedwatch scheme has been running in Clevedon for eight years and sees volunteers operating mobile speed cameras under the guidance of a police officer.

Since the group started, the highest number of cars it has recorded speeding in just one hour is a whopping 106.

Anyone caught speeding will not be prosecuted but will receive a letter telling them they have been recorded driving faster than the speed limit.