New events for Tides festival

The festival will take place at Marine Lake, the seafront and in the town centre

The festival will take place at Marine Lake, the seafront and in the town centre - Credit: Archant

PLANS for next month’s Clevedon Tides Festival are developing fast with the addition of numerous new attractions to the event’s schedule.

To be held from September 19-21, the festival will involve activities across the seafront as well as in the town centre.

As an expansion of the already-popular MARLENS Marine Lake Festival, which has been held each September since 2005, there will be lots to do on the water as well as on dry land.

With the theme of tides, an eclectic selection of artistic displays have been organised including art buskers along the seafront, exhibitions, sales and workshops, including graffiti boards which will give people the chance to watch a street artist in action.

As a taster of things to come, work from some of the exhibiting artists will also go on display in shop windows this month.

A number of walks have also been organised and will be led by Rosie and Howard Smith who have published books recounting their journeys along the Somerset coastline.

Volunteers at Clevedon Community Bookshop will also run a programme of walks throughout the weekend highlighting interesting and little known areas of the town’s history and geography. This will include retracing the steps of poets Coleridge, Thackeray and Tennyson, the last of whom lived in Clevedon and enjoyed walking the coast path and what is now known as Poet’s Walk.

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Another new attraction to be added to this year’s running order is a pushball competition.

Pushball was developed in America in the early 20th century and sees two teams battling to get a 23kg inflatable ball, which is six feet in diameter, into their opponents’ goal.

Anyone wishing to enter a team in the tournament should visit or email

These contact details can also be used to book stalls for the Village Street section of the event, costing £35 per day inside the marquee or £25 outside.

For more details about the festival visit or search for Clevedon Tides Festival on Facebook and Twitter.