New business supports grieving pet owners

Jessica Powell with her pet Hugo who recently passed away

Jessica Powell with her pet Hugo who recently passed away - Credit: Jessica Powell

A Portishead woman has created a new business during the national lockdown, offering help and support to people whose pets have died. 

Helen Lloyd, aged 39, is the founder of Pets Angels Cremation, based in Banwell; helping people who are grieving the loss of their pet, particularly during the current difficult situation. 

Helen Lloyd of Pet Angels Cremation

Helen Lloyd of Pet Angels Cremation - Credit: Helen Lloyd

Last week Helen opened for business in Wolvershill Road, but with sad coincidence her first customers were her friends Jessica and Ryan Powell, also from Portishead, following the death of their four-year-old dog Hugo. 

Jessica said: “Helen has been our rock; she has made the situation a little bit easier with her love and compassion for both us and Hugo.” 

The company idea initially came as a suggestion to Helen after she suffered the loss of her dog Rosie in 2016. 

Helen said: “My dog was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and the vet recommended a place which did pet cremation. 

“The man there said I was kind and companionate and asked if I thought of doing this as a business myself; but I was too full of grief at the time to think of anything like that.” A year later Helen’s dog Reg died. 

Helen's dogs l-r Hugo, Joy and Rosie

Helen's dogs l-r Hugo, Joy and Rosie - Credit: Helen Lloyd

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On moving to Portishead, Helen realised there were no pet burial services in the town, and felt it was needed in the area. 

She wanted to offer a 'compassionate and dignified' service to people mourning their pets.

Helen faced planning and location issues since trying to open her self-funded business in March, 2020 - a week before everything closed due to the pandemic. 

She said: “I can empathise with the pain of losing a pet, because of what I have gone through. I understand the true process behind cremation - it’s very personal - animals are a big part of some people’s lives.  

“I have spent a long time trying to move forward with my business, but due to premises issues, planning and now Covid, I have experienced many delays.  

“I have just opened in the midst of a pandemic - still following my heart knowing that this is a needed service.” 

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