New allotments on the horizon for Nailsea?

New allotments on the horizon for Nailsea?

KEEN gardeners from Nailsea are backing plans for Gaulacre to be used as a much-needed allotment site.

Nailsea Town Council currently runs allotments in Engine Lane and Whitesfield Road, but there are still 90 people on the waiting list for new plots in the town.

The council has been searching all over the town for suitable land to use for gardeners and members are now considering Gaulacre as a solution to the problem.

Speaking at the council’s leisure facilities committee meeting on Wednesday, Julie Reynolds, of Engine Lane, said the residents she had spoken to were in favour of half of the site being used as allotments. She said: “The allotments would bring revenue to the council which could only be a good thing in this economic climate.

“People living in Engine Lane seem to think it would be a good use of the fields if certain safeguards are in place, for example no sheds, no bonfires and the walls and hedges to be retained. We also think part of the site should be set aside for a car park to stop cars parking in the roads.”

Neighbours also said turning the land into allotments would help to preserve the habitats of the many badgers, foxes, herons and bats which also use the land.

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The 10 acre site off Engine Lane was bought by Nailsea Town Council in Februray 2008 to be used for sport and recreation for residents.

Nailsea United Football Club had previously expressed an interest in purchasing the site, but bosses have now ruled it out due to the lack of funding available to the club.

Town councillor John Wilson said: “I think it’s an excellent idea to have allotments there.”

But other members were concerned it might restrict the use of the site for walkers who regularly visit the green space.

Councillor Clare Hunt said: “A lot of people use it for walking and I’d very much like walkers to be included in these plans.

The committee agreed to carry out a feasibility study to find out whether part of the land could be used for allotments.

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