National Grid to announce power line route

THE controversial decision as to where National Grid plans to site a huge power line through North Somerset is due to be announced tomorrow (Thurs).

The energy giant has been working on proposals for the 400,000 volt line since the idea was first announced in 2009 and a decision has been reached after two years of consultation and feedback analysis.

When the plans were first announced, the public were asked to comment on which route corridor of land they would prefer the line to follow.

Corridor one followed the existing 132,000 volt line that runs to the west of Nailsea near Tickenham. Option 1A would see the existing line largely replaced with 400,000 volt cables and option 1B would see the new line being built alongside the existing one.

Corridor two would require an entirely new route and would see the cables and 150ft pylons pass to the east of Nailsea near Backwell.

However, the plans sparked outrage among residents in the affected areas with concerns raised about people’s health and the fact the pylons would be installed in open countryside.

Many subsequently began campaigns against the proposals, calling for the cables to be put under the ground or under the sea.

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In Nailsea, campaign groups joined together with Nailsea Town Council and formed the Nailsea Action Group to fight the plans and its members are now eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s announcement.

After the decision is announced, 37,000 households in the affected region will receive a newsletter outlining the decision.

Further consultation will then take place to determine the specific route the cables will take within the preferred corridor.

Once this is decided an application will then be submitted to the Government’s Infrastructure Planning Commission for a final decision on the project.

* Log on to the website tomorrow for news of National Grid’s decision.

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