Nailsea subway floods

SEVERE weather conditions have taken their toll on the district in the last couple of weeks, as these pictures of a flooded underpass in Nailsea illustrate.

High winds and heavy rain have battered parts of North Somerset, toppling trees, blocking roads and causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

North Somerset Council says additional resources have been allocated to the problem.

Residents have been unable to use the submerged subway in Stock Way, which the authority says is due to its gullies not coping with ‘the sheer volume of water’.

A spokesman said: “We have been monitoring the weather forecast and severe weather warnings issued by the MET Office to ensure we have sufficient resources to respond to damage caused by high winds, if it occurs.

“We have been responding to blocked public roads as a priority because these are relied upon by the emergency services.”

The authority also said its Area Officer and Tree Surgery teams have been on call 24 hours a day responding to emergencies.

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Anyone wanting to report an issue should contact the Streets and Open Spaces department on 01934 888802.

The authority does risk assessments throughout the year on trees it owns and has a major incident plan to cope with extreme weather.