Nailsea quiz champion

Nailsea quiz champion

A BRAINY student from Nailsea will soon be jetting off to New Zealand to take part in the world final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz.

Tej Chadeesingh, aged 12, and the rest of his team from Bristol Grammar School will be competing in the final after being named England Champions in the annual world literature contest.

The four were challenged to answer ten rounds of ten questions, each covering a different literature theme.

Tej Chadeedingh said: “We had to compete in a sudden death play off to win a place at the finals and then do it all over again in front of a big audience in Oxford. It was very tense.

“Now we are all very excited about our place in the world final.”

The final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz 2011 will take place in New Zealand next summer when the students will be testing their knowledge against top teams from New Zealand, South Africa and China.