NA11 SEA for sale

A PROUD Nailsea resident could soon be driving around advertising their devotion to the town after the personalised number plate NA11 SEA went on sale.

A businessman is selling the unusual item for a cool �4,373, after winning it in a poker game.

Home improvement company magnate Nick Fellone, aged 45 of Staffordshire, won the plate at the Dusk to Dawn casino in Nottingham.

A fellow gambler put the plate in the kitty after running out of cash and after doing an internet search to check there was a town of that name, Nick accepted a retention certificate as part of his winnings.

He said: “The other player was losing quite a bit so I thought why not?

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“I had to do a quick check because I had never heard of Nailsea.

“I thought it might appeal to a company director or someone who lives in the town and is proud of their heritage.”

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The prize money at the Midlands casino can be more than �250,000 but Nick was not disappointed to walk away with the Nailsea registration number.

The married father-of-one added: “I like personalised plates.

“I bought NTF 24 more than 21 years ago for �1,500 which is on my Lexus 270 and I have another which reflects my love of poker PO11 KER for my Mercedes.

“If I was from Nailsea and was proud to live there I would definitely keep the plate for myself.”

Interested parties can buy the trophy from The Plate Market.

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