Mum’s story for children’s charity

A PORTISHEAD mum has written a bedtime story published in a book aimed at raising money for charity.

Former early years consultant, Rachel McClary of Denny View, is one of 17 parent bloggers in the UK who have taken up the challenge to write a story beginning with ‘once upon a time’.

Rachel’s story addresses the common childhood fear of being afraid of the dark and is based on a story she told her second daughter, Rowena, to allay her worries about bad dreams. The 40-year-old’s eldest daughter Erin, aged 7, has illustrated the story.

Rachel, who started blogging a year ago, writes the popular early education and parenting blog, and also contributes to the parenting site Netmums.

All profits from Once Upon a Time will be donated to Save the Children.

Rachel said: “This is our gift to children from around the world, beautiful stories with illustrations by our own children, making it a perfect bedtime story book.

“We hope it will raise lots of money for children born with the challenge to survive and help them to write a better story of their life.”

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The book entitled Once Upon a Time is available from the bookstore at