Mum gives birth at roadside

A PORTISHEAD mum gave birth at the roadside on the way to hospital with her family.

Laura Dahnoun was in the car with her mum, husband and two sons in the early hours of the morning when, on the way into Bristol on the Portbury Hundred, they had to pull over to deliver her baby.

The 27-year-old had began feeling contractions the evening before and woke at about 4am on November 2 with the pain getting worse.

After speaking to a midwife at Southmead Hospital, she was advised to get to them by 7am.

The pain became stronger so her mum, Paula Chapman, drove Laura, her husband Ben and their two young boys, Riyn aged three and one-year-old Dino, from their home in Clifton Street toward Bristol.

Laura said: “When we got to the Portbury Hundred it seemed Jordan was coming out whether I wanted him to or not.

“I was sat upright in the front so mum pulled over so I could open the door and sprawl out.

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“It was then we realised Jordan’s head was already showing.

“Mum more or less had to catch him. She originally thought she would just have to reassure me until the ambulance arrived.

“When he came out he had the cord around his neck so we had to all twist him around to get it off.

“It was a massive panic but in between I had to reassure the boys and tell them that Jordan was on his way because he was eager to play with them.

“Riyn was very excited and Dino keeps saying car every time he points at Jordan now.”

When the ambulance arrived, Laura and Jordan were taken to Southmead Hospital to be checked over.

Mum and baby were then home again at 7.30pm the same day.

Laura added: “This was definitely my quickest and easiest birth.

“For each of my babies I have said I wanted a water birth but each time something has happened.

“You never know what to expect.”