More five star premises revealed

OVER the past few weeks the Times has been running a series of articles on food hygiene.

Here is a further instalment of outlets in our coverage area that serve food and received the highest possible five stars when inspected by North Somerset Council between June 2006 and November 2010.

Some premises across the area have yet to receive their inspection or may have received it after November 2010, when a new inspection and grading system was introduced by North Somerset Council.

North Somerset Council, Pill

Yatton Junior School, Yatton

Comet, Kenn

Waitrose, Portishead

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Nailsea Outreach, Nailsea

Cheung’s Express Deli, Clevedon

Cheung Chaw Chinese Restaurant, Clevedon

Great Wall, Nailsea

Barley Wood, Wrington

Rickshaw Takeaway, Portishead

Windmill Inn, Portishead

Tesco, Clevedon

Backwell School, Backwell

Winash, Clevedon

Blueberry Catering and Events, Claverham

Murrays Restaurant, Clevedon

Ravenswood Special School, Nailsea

Gordano School, Portishead

Eurest, Weston-in-Gordano

Backwell Indian Takeaway, Backwell

Avon Country Market, Nailsea

Mary Elton Primary School, Clevedon

Rudgleigh Inn, Easton-in-Gordano

Eurest Services, Kenn

Noggins Old Fish Bar, Nailsea

Gilly’s Caf� and Salad Bar, Nailsea

Upton Cottage, Clevedon

Clarke’s, Wrington

St John’s Primary School, Clevedon

Pizza2Go, Claverham

Costa, Nailsea

Oceans Coffee Shop, Portishead

The White Lion, Nailsea

Moorend Spout, Nailsea

Pullins, Yatton

Crackling Hog Roast, Portishead

Clevedon Garages, Clevedon

Mings Kitchen, Nailsea

The Limes Bed and Breakfast, Clevedon

Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, Portishead

Mount Elton Nursing Home, Clevedon

Severn Oaks, Clevedon

Portishead Primary School, Portishead

J and G Catering, Easton-in-Gordano

Caf� 119, Nailsea

Heather’s Coffee Shop, Congresbury

Lakeside Caf�, Portishead

Lawrence’s Bistro, Nailsea

Cuisine Parfaite, Yatton

Pullins, Clevedon

Clerical Medical / HBOS, Clevedon

Anne Guy Catering, Backwell

Golden Valley Primary School, Nailsea

Yatton Methodist Church Hall, Yatton

Yatton Methodist Playgroup, Yatton

Conrgesbury Bowling Club, Congresbury

Pioneer, Portishead

The Hawthorns, Clevedon

West Leigh Infants School, Backwell

Tots Teas, Nailsea

The Great Wall, Clevedon

Greggs, Nailsea

Belly Busters, Clevedon

Rydal Day Nursery, Clevedon

Cherry Orchard, Clevedon

Royal Oak, Nailsea

Cadbury Garden and Leisure, Congresbury

Mon Plaisir Restaurant, Clevedon

Edwards and Ward, Portishead

Grove Junior School, Nailsea

Kingshill Primary Breakfast Club, Nailsea

Choc Rox, Portishead

Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club, Clevedon

Mr D’s Buffet Catering, Wrington

Happy Hours Nursery, Yatton

Budgens, Wraxall

Spicy Aroma Indian Cuisine, Portishead

Masala 20, Portishead

Yatton Tandoori, Yatton

Mrs B and Mr D Westrup, Tickenham

Butterflies, Clevedon

Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant, Cleeve

Ghandi Tandoori Restaurant, Portishead

Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Pill

Coffee #1, Clevedon

Cleeve Takeaway, Cleeve

The Elms Nursing Home, Congresbury

The New Battle Axes, Wraxall

Oaktree Lodge, Clevedon

Somerset Lodge Nursing Home, Pill

The Black Horse Inn, Clapton-in-Gordano

Mrs Irene Hughes, Nailsea

Congresbury Senior Citizens, Congresbury

Little Clowns Day Nursery, Clevedon

Petersfield Residential Care Home, Portishead

Fairfield School, Backwell

Fosters Catering, Congresbury

Oakham Treasures and Farm Shop, Wraxall

Caf� Savva, Nailsea

Highcliffe Hotel, Clevedon

Secret Garden Nursery and Pre-school, Congresbury

Inwood Nursery, Congresbury

Waverley Lodge, Clevedon

Mendip Retirement Lodge, Claverham

Pizza Magic, Clevedon

Community Meals Service, Clevedon

Brockley Court Home, Brockley

Trattoria Antonio Pizzeria, Portishead

The Old Farmhouse, Nailsea

Kebab Kitchen, Nailsea

The Poacher, Portishead

Golden Horse, Nailsea

Worcester Lodge, Clevedon

Chef Direct Ltd, Barrow Gurney

Asda Colleague Restaurant, Portbury

Wendy’s Caf� and Sandwich Bar, Yatton

Clevedon Court Nursing Home, Clevedon

The Carvery, Yatton

Priory Hotel, Portbury

Waitrose Service Station Shop, Portishead

Da’Val Catering, Clevedon

Junior Poon, Clevedon

Arrigadeen, Clevedon

Mother Nature, Portishead

Bay View, Clevedon

Backwell Junior School, Backwell

St Peter’s Primary School, Portishead

Jones Convenience Store, Portishead

Shirley Burger, Clevedon

Sawyers Arms, Nailsea

Clevedon School, Clevedon

Il Giardino Ristorante, Clevedon

Elm View Nursing Home, Clevedon

Alvony House, Clevedon

Highdown Junior and Infant School, Portishead

Esmeralda, Portishead

Tesco, Nailsea

Family Kebab House, Pill

St Andrew’s Church Hall, Clevedon

Mrs Michelle Harrison, Clevedon

Charlton Nursery, Flax Bourton

Backwell Leisure Centre, Backwell

Parsons Bakery, Clevedon

Tiffin, Clevedon

Haven Lodge Care Home, Portishead

Waitrose, Nailsea

The Ship, Portishead

Gordano Gate Brewers Fayre, Portishead

Hodders Butchers, Congresbury

Lockhouse, Portishead

Il Bottelinos, Portishead

Brandon Trust, Clevedon

Osborne House, Clevedon

Primrose Cakes, Clevedon

The Downs School, Wraxall

Morrisons, Clevedon

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