Missing sign mystery

A MISSING give way sign could be the root of monthly accidents and daily near misses at a notorious junction in Portishead.

Speaking at the annual Portishead Town Meeting, Jonathan Mock, of Woodhill Avenue, blamed the removal of a sign at the bottom of Cabstand for minor traffic collisions and close calls, which he says occur on a daily basis.

Traffic lights, funded by 106 planning agreement money, were installed at the junction, and at the junction of Wyndham Way and High Street a few metres away, in 2004 at a cost of �800,000. They were switched off in 2009 after being blamed for traffic chaos and tailbacks.

The area has been subject to controversy since the lights were turned off, as although traffic flow has improved dramatically at the Wyndham Way/High Street junction, many motorists feel a second mini-roundabout is needed to further improve traffic flow and safety at Cabstand.

Mr Mock said the new zebra crossing at the bottom of Cabstand is so close to the junction that the white lines cannot be seen until drivers are upon them, if at all, and he thinks this is causing the problems. The give way sign is believed to have been removed when the crossing was installed, leaving motorists with no warning that they need to stop.

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A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: “We are not aware of the removal of a give way sign from Cabstand and will be investigating the matter.”

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