'Mindless' and 'selfish' flower thieves slammed by traders

PUBLISHED: 16:00 29 June 2017

The Triangle Traders group is campaigning for more flowers in the town centre.

The Triangle Traders group is campaigning for more flowers in the town centre.


Traders have hit out at the 'selfish morons' who are removing plants from flowerbeds in Clevedon.

Beds along the seafront and in the town centre have been targeted a number of times in recent months.

Community groups have been working hard to increase the number of flowers in the town, including the Triangle Traders and Clevedon Pride, and both groups have urged the community to report any incidents.

Kate Bright, Triangle Traders secretary, told the Times: “The council provides plants for the flowerbeds in Clevedon.

“However it should not be expected to provide them for greedy residents who insist on pulling them out of recently planted town flowerbeds.

“This isn’t the usual mindless thugs having a drunken flower-lobbing frenzy, but the deliberate removal of plants purely for personal gain – to put in their own gardens.

“Clevedon residents, if you see this going on please do something about it.

“Why should one or two mindless, selfish morons spoil it for the rest of us?

“It is mainly the seafront for the stealing, and planters in Queens Square were vandalised the other weekend with plants being uprooted and thrown around.

“I found four lying in Station Road and replanted them.”

Mike Bisacre, Clevedon Pride chairman, added: “Unfortunately the flowers which are planted in the tubs in Queens Square regularly get damaged, pulled out and thrown around the square.

“Clevedon Pride volunteers have to replant or replace them.

“It is a nuisance but sadly we have to put up with it until someone is caught and punished.”

The Triangle Traders have begun working with Clevedon Town Council to install planters outside shops.

The group has so far delivered 10 troughs and two planters, and is urging more traders to get involved to help bring more ‘colour’ to the town.

Kate added: “Triangle Traders has provided these for outside the Triangle shops and businesses, and Clevedon Pride has provided all the lamppost baskets.

“We are both trying to bring colour to Clevedon and hopefully to help go some way to encourage more people to stay a while, browse and shop.”

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