Man hunting woman sparks domestic abuse concerns

A MAN searching for a woman in Clevedon has prompted concerns he maybe hunting for a victim of domestic abuse.

As recently as yesterday (Wed), the man has been entering shops and stopping taxi drivers in the town to ask if they have seen an unnamed woman and offering a �100 reward for information.

Those who he has spoken to have been so concerned the incidents have been reported to the charity, North Somerset Against Domestic Abuse (NADA).

The man goes by the name of Andy and is described as looking like a bouncer, aged in his late 30s to early 40s.

At different times he has claimed he is an insurance investigator and also the brother of the woman.

As well as offering a reward for information, he is also leaving a business card with a mobile phone number on it.

A NADA spokesman said: “We are very concerned as to why ‘Andy’ is behaving in such a strange way - clearly if someone has gone missing he should have gone to the police for help.

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“We are concerned this man could be potentially dangerous and that someone could give out information that could jeopardise the woman’s safety.”

It is not known whether the woman is in the area but any residents approached by a man fitting the description should contact the police immediately on 0845 456 7000.