‘Major’ housing development proposed for Nailsea

Thousands of homes are planned for North Somerset as part of the Joint Spatial Plan.

Thousands of homes are planned for North Somerset as part of the Joint Spatial Plan. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A developer is proposing to build a ‘major’ housing development to the south of Nailsea, in addition to almost 3,000 houses already planned for the area.

Gleeson Homes has submitted a letter to North Somerset Council in reply to the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP).

The developer wants to build homes around Engine Lane, towards Backwell Lake and Nailsea and Backwell Railway Station.

The development has not been allocated as a site in the JSP and it is in an area which Nailsea Town Council is keen to see designated as greenbelt.

Councillors are also concerned it does not leave enough of a strategic gap between Nailsea and Backwell.

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In the JSP, 2,575 homes along with five schools, shops and community facilities have been allocated for Nailsea.

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A further 725 homes could be added after 2036, while Backwell also faces 700 homes being built under the JSP.

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Nailsea Town Council clerk Ian Morrell said: “Gleeson Homes is promoting a major development south of the town, which is on land the town council is opposed to building on.

“However, at the meeting on August 8 it was agreed the planning sub-committee will produce an option paper to be discussed at council, which will consider the council’s policy on site allocations in the context of the JSP and the Local Plan.

“The advice we have had is that the current JSP numbers will be the minimum, and there is a possibility they may increase.

“Therefore, even if The Vale (near Long Ashton) becomes an allocated site, this will have no impact on reducing the numbers for Nailsea.

“No doubt Gleeson Homes will be pushing hard to get their land allocated as a development site at the JSP inquiry.

“Our understanding is the inquiry has been further delayed and now may not take place until summer 2019.”

Nailsea Town Council is opposed to an urban extension to the south and west and stresses development should be wrapped the town instead so it does not become a separate community.

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The authority is also calling for a greenbelt review to support this proposal – freeing up land to the north where there is more infrastructure to support the homes, and protecting areas to the south and west.

North Somerset Council is planning to look again at its policy due to concerns it will need to find more sites for housing for the JSP.

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